Blind Skateboards: a story of passion and innovation

Blind Skateboards: a story of passion and innovation

Dear skate lovers, today we want to share with you a journey into the heart and soul of one of the most iconic brands in the world of skateboarding: blind skateboards. Get ready to discover the fascinating story of how this brand won the respect and admiration of the skater community, becoming a beacon of creativity and innovation.


Blind Skateboards has roots dating back to the 80s when visionary Mark Gonzales founded the brand. In the age where skateboarding was in full evolution, Gonzales brought a bold and unconventional mindset, creating unique boards that challenged the boundaries of the normal. The name “Blind” itself represented Gonzales’ unique approach to the scene: a brand that looked beyond expectations and dared to be different.

Art in motion: iconic and rebellious graphics

One of the defining characteristics of Blind Skateboards is their attention to deck graphics. Each deck becomes a piece of art, with bold, often mysterious graphics that capture the imagination of skaters and tell unique stories. These boards become a form of expression, allowing skaters to carry not only their riding style, but also a personal message.

A brotherhood of skaters: the Blind team

A brotherhood of skaters: the Blind team Skaters like Cody McEntire, Micky Papa and TJ Rogers carry on the Blind ideal, proving that this brand is much more than just a company. They are a community, a brotherhood of skaters who share a love of art, innovation and skateboarding. These skaters are brand ambassadors, bringing Blind’s energy and passion to every trick and turn.

Towards the future: innovation and creativity

Blind Skateboards is not only a testament to the glorious past, but also a beacon of innovation. As the world of skateboarding continues to evolve, Blind stays at the forefront, embracing new technologies and creative collaborations.

Each new deck is proof of the brand’s commitment to taking skateboarding to new horizons, always keeping alive the rebellious spirit that characterizes it.

Beyond the brand

Blind Skateboards is not just a skateboard brand, but a symbol of passion, creativity and individuality. Its history is rooted in the challenge of conventions. Blind’s boards are not just means of transport, but moving works of art. The team of skaters and collaborations testify to the continuous evolution and commitment to innovation.

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