How to choose your first longboard

How to choose your first longboard

Starting longboarding should never be a daunting idea, even for someone who has never been on a board before. It is actually the easiest way to learn how to skate. Below you will find a few little tips to get started safely.

Many new riders get off the slopes right away without even knowing the basics. Do not do that! Start small and then, only when you have acquired confidence and the right balance, you can progress safely.

  • Everyone has a natural riding position for board sports. To know what is yours, simply stand with your feet together and pretend someone pushes you from behind. You will naturally put one foot forward to avoid falling. Here, if the foot is the left one you are regular, if the foot is the right one you are goofy. This is the first thing to discover before getting on the board.
  • A great way to practice safely and become familiar with balancing is to put the skateboard on grass or a thick carpet, so that the friction prevents the board from rolling. Get up and position your feet in the correct position and become familiar with the basic movements you will be doing on the street. For example, try pushing down on the edges of the board with your toes and heels to turn the board to the right or to the left. This will help you better understand how to set turns.
  • As a beginner, knowing how to brake is obviously an essential requirement for anything you will do on the longboard. Foot braking is the first technique you need to control. The movement is similar to pushing, but instead of pushing with your foot, you brush the ground with the sole of your foot to slow down and create friction. This technique works well at low speeds but gets more challenging as you go faster.
  • When you manage to brake on flat ground, you are ready to launch onto a small slope. Find one that ends flat or uphill and doesn’t cross any road. At this stage, a little protection is better. Wear a standard helmet, comfortable and tied under the chin and, why not, also some knee and elbow protectors. Make sure you have skate shoes with sturdy soles to brake with your feet. Remember not to go up a hill with your longboard until you know you can handle it. There is nothing worse than losing control on the descent and crashing because you are not ready.
  • I know, it sounds scary and weird, but sooner or later you will fall. Don’t be terrified though. The important thing is not to fall on a stiff arm or on your hands, to avoid breaking your arm or wrist. When you fall, instead of reaching out and keeping your arm stiff, you have to learn to put your arms along your torso, land on the forearm and roll sideways onto the shoulder. This technique takes practice so it is best to try it on a mat or a pile of pillows on the floor.
  • Learning to slide is not that easy but it is an important step in your progress as a longboarder as it will help you take your riding to the next level. The slide is mainly used to slow down your longboard by actually putting the board at right angles to the street. There are many ways to slide, some easier than others, but let’s say you can do it standing on the board or with one hand on the ground. If you’re not going too fast, standing up can be easier to learn with a little practice. At higher speeds, however, downward slides will likely be safer. For a slide on the ground, you really lower yourself onto the board and put your hand on the ground to take some of your weight off the wheels. Meanwhile, the other hand grabs the edge of the board and pulls it hard in a tight turn to position the board perpendicular to the slope.


You won’t turn into a longboard pro overnight. Don’t be discouraged when you fall or if you can’t slide. The more patient you are, the better your chances of becoming good. One of the most important things to start longboarding, as in everything in life, is perseverance. Keep training, maybe watch a video or two, talk to other longboarders and you’ll soon acquire the skills you envy other riders so much. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy this fantastic sport and offer other people who are watching or shooting with you a pleasant and positive experience.



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