Looking for the Perfect Skate: what to look for in a skateboard shop

Looking for the Perfect Skate: what to look for in a skateboard shop

Hi skater! You know that skateboarding is an experience like no other: adrenaline, creativity and freedom come together in one passion. But to make the most of this experience, it is essential to have a perfect skate, a travel companion that adapts to our unique style. In this article, I will guide you through the 5 characteristics that every skater dreams of finding in the perfect skate, to guarantee you the best performance and maximum satisfaction on the skateboard. So you’ll know how to choose your new skate on our skateboard shop!

1. Quality decks

The heart of skateboarding is the deck, that incredible board that allows us to express all our creativity. The aim? Finding a quality, resistant and long-lasting deck. Personally, I prefer the 7-ply maple wood decks. They are light but strong, and give me just the right balance to push hard. Choose the size and shape of the deck based on your preferences and riding style. A well designed deck will give you stability, responsiveness and the perfect feel underfoot.

2. Perfect trucks

Trucks are the metal parts that hold the wheels to the deck together. They are our allies to face every maneuver. The most important thing is to find the perfect trucks for you. They need to be tall and wide enough for your deck and riding style. If you prefer street skateboarding, opt for taller trucks that will give you stability in street tricks. If, on the other hand, you are a vert enthusiast, choose lower trucks for greater control. And don’t forget to invest in quality trucks for durability.

3. Custom Wheels

The wheels are our contact with the ground, our personal choice that affects how we feel the skate. There is a huge range of sizes, hardnesses and shapes to choose from. Personally, I love big wheels for high speed and better grip on uneven surfaces. If you’re more into technical tricks, then the smaller wheels are the way to go. Don’t forget to consider the hardness of the wheels as well, as it affects the ride feel. The softer they are, the more grip you will have, while if you prefer speed, opt for harder wheels. Keep these tips in mind when choosing your wheels at the skateboard shop! Find the wheels that suit your riding style and the terrain you like to skate on.

4. Fast bearings

Bearings are the key to a smooth, fast ride. You can’t underestimate them! Look for quality bearings made from steel or ceramic. They are rated according to the ABEC rating, which indicates tolerance and accuracy. The higher the rating, the more speed you will get. But remember, even lower rated bearings can give you a long life, so choose the ones that best suit your needs. And don’t forget to keep them clean and well lubricated for maximum performance at all times.

5. Grip tape that represents you

Grip tape is your ally to keep your grip on the board. But it’s not only functional, it can also be an opportunity to express your personality. Choose a quality grip tape, resistant to wear and atmospheric agents. Personalize it with your favorite designs and colors to make it unique. After all, skateboarding is an art form, so show the world with a style that represents you!

Skater, the search for the perfect skate is a personal journey. A quality deck, suitable trucks, customized wheels, fast bearings and a grip tape that represents you are the characteristics that every skater dreams of finding in their ideal skate. Remember that every skater is unique and needs a skate that fits their needs and riding style. I hope these five characteristics guide you in your search for your perfect travel companion to the skateboard shop, to hit the streets and parks with the utmost skateboarding passion and satisfaction. Keep shredding!


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