Skateboard trucks and geometry

Skateboard trucks and geometry

Trucks and Geometry: How truck design affects the response and handling of your skateboard

Trucks are the connection between the wheels and deck of your skateboard. But did you know that truck design can affect the response and maneuverability of your skate in a significant way? Let’s find out how together!

Skateboard trucks: the crucial connection

Trucks are more than just pieces of metal. They are the real muscles that give life to your skate. Truck design, including geometry, plays a huge role in your driving experience. The characteristics of the trucks, such as the height, width and geometry of the axles and baseplates, have a direct impact on the response and maneuverability of your skateboard.

Height, width and stability

The first thing to consider is the height of the trucks. A taller truck lifts your deck further off the ground, giving you more room to pull off tricks and stunts. However, increased height can compromise stability at higher speeds. On the other hand, a lower truck lowers your skate’s center of gravity, offering more stability when going downhill or during tight carving.

The width of the trucks is another important aspect. Trucks that are too wide for the width of your deck can make it difficult to lean the wheels during cornering and limit overall handling. Conversely, trucks that are too narrow could compromise stability. Finding a balance between the width of the trucks and that of the deck is crucial to achieving optimal response and handling.

Geometry of the axes and baseplates

The geometry of the axles and the baseplates of the trucks is an often overlooked but decisive element in your skateboarding experience. The axles can be at different angles to the baseplate, affecting the feel and responsiveness of your skate. More raked axles offer quicker response and increased agility, ideal for freestyle and technical tricks. Conversely, less raked axles offer more stability and control, great for carving and fast descents.

The baseplate of the trucks, the part that attaches to the deck, can have various angles. The angles of the baseplate affect the “turning radius”, i.e. the cornering you can make without lifting the wheels off the ground. A higher angled baseplate offers more responsiveness and a tighter turning radius, great for tight tricks and aggressive carving. A lower angled baseplate offers a larger turning radius and increased stability, perfect for cruising and downhill riding.

Choose the trucks that suit your style

Choosing the right skateboard trucks is essential to customizing your setup and enhancing your skateboarding experience. Take the time to figure out the type of skating you want to do and how you would like your skateboard to feel underfoot. Experiment with different combinations of height, width and geometry of axles and baseplates to find the one that best fits your unique riding style.

Remember that skateboard trucks are the crucial connection between you and your skate. The geometry and design of the trucks can affect the response and handling of your skateboard significantly. Find the perfect balance between height, width and geometry of the axles and baseplates to create a custom setup that gives you maximum control and enjoyment on your skateboard. Choose the right trucks for your skateboard, experiment and have fun discovering how truck geometry can improve your skateboarding experience. Keep rolling!


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