For a few months now, all skateboard shops have been experiencing a surge in sales of hardware, skateboards, longboards and surfskates. Demand has risen so quickly internationally that manufacturers, distributors and final retailers have found themselves constantly out of stock. Those who had planned their purchases through pre-sales campaigns managed to secure a basic quantity, but even for them it was difficult to add quantities and items. It will take time before the large brand groups, factories, logistics are back on track and can ensure all stocks in the suppliers’ warehouses. Someone estimates next summer, someone winter … certainly for smaller brands it will be even more difficult to secure production slots.

Demand all over the world, not only in Italy, is skyrocketing and supply continues to struggle. In fact, they are all losing sales they didn’t even know before. Will it be a trend that will continue? This is the question we ask ourselves! Of course we don’t have a crystal ball but for months we have been asking ourselves what is happening all over the globe, and we are talking to customers and suppliers. These are some of the considerations that we find useful to share with you, because what we are witnessing seems to be the beginning of a new wave that we will find ourselves riding!


There are those who estimate ten-year cycles, which led to the first major international boom in the late 1980s. After a few years of maximum diffusion, starting from ’93 the scene, the users, and consequently the sales began to decline, up to the historic lows of 95-96-97. But in the late 90’s a new wave was starting. This happened again towards the end of the 2000s, and as all operators in the sector well remember, again from 2016 until the end of 2019 the descent was steep for everyone. From May 2020 to today, we all know how it went, with extraordinary requests and sales that have created an out of stock within a few months.


A movement certainly not new but which seems to have materialized “suddenly” in recent months. The sales of skateboards to girls and surfskates to girls created the conditions for a market aimed at a more mixed audience.

Skate girls


An acceleration to a process that was already underway was certainly given by the situation created following the pandemic and consequent lockdown. Boys and girls who practice other sports found themselves without a gym, team, and without the opportunity to have fun as before. The alternative proposed by classmates and friends already on the skateboard for some time was immediately married by a growing number of boys. As well as the ever more attentive eye on ecological vehicles for getting around the city, where longboards, cruisers and surfskates have added new sales opportunities to this wave.

Skate in the open air


The Olympics have been postponed, right! But for at least a year the general press has been dealing with the subject, effectively clearing skateboarding as a real sport. This has changed the consideration and the effect on families and people far from this world.

Skateboard Olympics


Even the skateboard schools, managed and organized by many realities in the area, have been promoting the practice of skateboarding to children for years. All started from the bottom, they are definitely more mature than in previous years. Posing more and more as a real alternative to oratories and summer camps, in recent years they have brought more and more young people closer to the practice of skateboarding. In addition to these realities, more and more public skateparks have opened in recent years … some still waiting for an association able to take care of them, others who already perform the function of meeting and socialization point. Many skateparks are now at the limit of users per space, and others will be built to meet the ever increasing demand.

Skateboard Olympics


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