Skimboard Made in USA

Skimboard Made in USA

DB Skimboards was founded in 2003 by Richard Docter, Bryce Hermansen, Tim Mackey and Isaac Thomas. IThey started making skimboards for flatland and longboards, but the company grew very quickly and then moved from a small garage to a 2,000 square meter warehouse. These guys worked nights and weekends, all the while attending college until they graduated, while continuing to devote themselves full time to their passion. In 2010, the company had to move back to its current 4,000-square-foot store just south of Seattle, Washington. The company is therefore owned and managed by riders and is dedicated to creating the best flat boards in the world.

A decisive advantage of DB Skimboards is their Micro Concave brand. A light rocker, side by side, which creates a ball effect on the lower surface of the board. This lightweight concave surface allows the rider to spin and shuv smoothly and to attack boxes or rails with more confidence.

It took years to find the perfect rocker profile for their Streamline boards. They tried and refined this profile to find the perfect mix of width and curvature. Their rocker allows for maximum POP without sacrificing speed on the water or making it difficult to launch the board.

The combination of Micro Concave + Continuous Rocker = 3D Rocker. The banana-shaped deck creates the perfect board for technical tricks, long rides and easy slides. DB Skimboards are printed using a patented technique that guarantees accurate and long lasting laminations. Ask around, their boards hold the rocker concave almost forever!

Standard Streamline Skimboardsare constructed with a rigid 5-ply hard maple core (3-ply for Flex and with a more flexible core). During lamination they use a fully watertight adhesive agent and enclose the core with a top and bottom sheet of HPL. HPL is the best sliding surface they have found; slide on sand, PVC rails and boxes, logs, shells, concrete and just about anything you can think of! The topsheet of the board is entirely covered with EVA foam; this is the perfect surface for your feet because it offers exceptional traction and cushioning and is durable enough to survive the wear and tear caused by long sessions, UV rays and salt water.

[Source: dbskimboards.com]


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