The birth of the skate trucks

The birth of the skate trucks

An adventure from the waves to the asphalt: skate trucks and truck shops

Hi, skaters! Today I’m taking you back in time to a time when the art of skateboarding was still taking shape and skate trucks were about to change the game. Get ready for a journey through the history and birth of skate trucks, told from the point of view of a skater who appreciates every single turn, trick and moment on the board.

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The first spark: from the waves to the asphalt

It was a time of transformation and creativity. Early generation skaters were trying to bring the thrill of surfing to the streets. But there was one problem: the surfboards were too big and cumbersome.

The idea of ​​transferring the concept of surfing to the streets was becoming more and more fascinating, and so the skaters decided to adapt and experiment. And this is where trucks are born.

The invention of trucks: a revolutionary breakthrough

The golden age of skateboarding, the 50s and 60s, saw the rise of legendary characters who shaped what skateboarding is today. One such pioneer, Larry Stevenson, came onto the scene with a revolutionary idea: skate trucks. These pieces of metal acted like real moving axles, allowing riders to turn and react like on ocean waves. It was a real turning point that opened up new horizons.

The age of experiments: the 70s and 80s

As the 1970s progressed, skateboarding had gained momentum and had become a culture of its own. Trucks were evolving, and skaters were experimenting with new riding styles and tricks. The challenge was to find a balance between responsiveness and stability. And it is precisely in this context that skate shops begin to play a crucial role.

The role of shops: temple of knowledge and community

Skate shops became more than just shops: they were sanctuaries of knowledge, experience and sharing. Here, skaters of all ages could come together to share advice, explore new gear and find the perfect setup. The shops were the meeting points of the community, where passions crossed and new ideas took shape.

Skate trucks today – the legacy continues

Today, skate trucks have gone through an extraordinary evolution. Advanced materials and manufacturing technologies allow for unprecedented customization. But the true legacy of skate trucks lies in the hands of modern skaters and truck shops. They continue to lead the innovation, share the enthusiasm and support skaters in creating their own unique style.

Every turn is a tribute to history

So next time you ride your skate, remember that what you’re experiencing is a result of the burning passion of past generations of skaters. Skate trucks started out as a revolutionary idea and have since become an integral part of the art of skateboarding. Thanks to those who created and shared this vision, we can now appreciate every single moment on our table.

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