The history of cruiser skates

The history of cruiser skates

From surfing to the streets, a journey of freedom and style

While cruiser skates have become an icon of urban skateboarding culture, their history has its roots in the world of surfing and carving waves. These board jewels have dragged the timeless style of the waves to dry land, transforming the streets into a stage for exploration and adventure. Let’s discover their story together, a journey that combines freedom, style and indomitable spirit.

The genesis of cruiser skates can be traced back to the 1950s and 1960s when surfing was booming and skateboarding culture was starting to take shape. As surfers looked for ways to take their style to the streets when the waves were lacking, cruiser skates emerged as the perfect solution. Initially, they were built using old roller skate rollers attached to a wooden board. These first experiments allowed surfers to simulate the sensations of surfing even away from the sea.

Throughout the 1970s, the concept of the cruiser skate began to evolve. Skateboard manufacturers began developing cruising-specific decks that featured wider and shorter decks than traditional trick skateboards. This design allowed for a more stable and comfortable ride, ideal for city street cruising. Softer and larger wheels provided better grip and dampened vibrations, making it easier to traverse uneven surfaces.

However, it was in the 1980s that cruiser skates gained popularity and began to stand out as a proper category of skateboarding. During this period, the skateboarding industry experienced an explosion of creativity and innovation. Brands like Santa Cruz Skateboards introduced new cruiser skate models, with vibrant graphics and uniquely shaped decks. These boards became a symbol of youthful freedom and rebellion, offering skaters an alternative to the adrenaline-pumping stunts of street skating.

In the 1990s, cruiser skates maintained their popularity despite the rise of street skateboarding. Many skaters appreciated the free feeling and relaxed approach offered by cruiser skates. It was a way to explore the city, discover new spots and enjoy the ride without the pressure of pulling complex tricks. Over the years, cruiser skates have continued to evolve, with technological improvements and innovative designs that make them even more performing and suitable for different riding situations.

Today, cruiser skates are a popular choice for skaters of all skill levels and riding styles. Their versatility makes them suitable for the daily commute, cruising around town, on the boardwalk or carving sessions in skateparks. Skaters embrace cruiser skates for their timeless style, feeling of freedom and the ability to express themselves.

Cruiser skates have a fascinating history that connects them to the roots of surfing and skateboarding. From a wave-making tool to a culture unto itself, cruiser skates have redefined the concept of riding on the board.

Whether you’re a surfer looking for a way to bring the wave experience to the streets or an urban skater craving a smooth, fuss-free ride, cruiser skates are here to provide you with an endless adventure.

Jump on your cruiser skate, enjoy the wind in your hair and let history unfold beneath your wheels!


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